War Dogs (2016) Review

Rating: 7 / 10

The director that brought you The Hangover trilogy brings you a solid comedy that shows that not all operations in arms trafficking are that serious.

Plot: Based on the true story of two young men, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan.


  • Jonah Hill as Efraim Diveroli
  • Miles Teller as David Packouz
  • Ana de Armas as Iz
  • J. B. Blanc as Bashkim
  • Bradley Cooper as Henry
  • Barry Livingston as Army Bureaucrat
  • Bryan Chesters as Fed Agent

Directed by: Tod Phillips

Written by: Stephen Chin, Tod Phillips, Jason Smilovic

Based on: Arms and and the Dudes by Guy Lawson

With hearing that the talent of Miles Teller and Jonah Hill will be in this movie, I knew that I would love to see these two actor chemistry together. Seeing the trailers (that kind of shows us almost all the funniest jokes), I really was pumped up for the movie. With Tod Phillips directing it, I thought it might be as good as The Hangover trilogy. And this movie is funny and in the style of Tod Phillips. It features a lot of drugs, parties and of course it features Bradley Cooper. But these aren’t bad things – it makes the movie much more fun.

The story was really interesting. This movie is nothing compared to other ones that deal with the story of arms trafficking like Lord of War. It was more fun but at the same time serious. The story was interesting because it made me know things about arms dealing in the USA – stuff like how much money goes in the war business, how much does one equipped soldier cost, how does the system of arms dealing work and so on. It was really interesting to know this stuff. I hope this stuff is real…..it is a true story movie…..But it’s only a movie, so maybe, you can say like 60% – 80% of the story was real. Nowadays it is hard to trust a movie that says “Based on a True Story”.

The best part of the movie was Jonah Hill. Seeing him in this kind of role was really interesting. He played a really funny guy, with a lot of demons inside of him that uses people a lot to get what he wants. MAYBE I SHOULD SAY – SPOILERS!! You see him care for his friend David but you don’t see that he is using him. SPOILERS OFF!! A diverse role that he played brilliantly. And to gain such weight for this role was crazy. Do you remember how skinny Jonah Hill was in Jump Street? This is just crazy. Jump Street was so funny and……..Shit…….Almost started to talk about another movie. Let’s get back to War Dogs. In comedy movies Jonah Hill is in his zone. You will really enjoy what he brings to the table. The last thing I wanted to say about him was – when you will hear the laugh that he did with his character, Efraim Diveroli, you will just fall on your ass and will not stop laughing. The best laugh of the year.

Of course we can’t forget Miles Teller performance. It is really good to see him in this kind of movie. He mostly was the funniest when he looked stoned (high) on drugs. But his character played the serious part of the movie – he wasn’t the comedy, he was the drama (genre). You have to have some seriousness. The movie won’t have an emotional ending then. You can’t say nothing wrong about his performance – he was great.

The movie is not perfect. There always will be some bad things to say. One of them was the way the story was told. It really jump from one period of time to the other. The stop motion shots, for me at least, were not that enjoyable – lesser would’ve been better. It was a very slow pace movie and it felt like they dragged the movie for far too long. Make it shorter for the sequel. Joke.

So……is it so good to see it in the theatre? Yeah….of course. You will get so much laughs in this, you won’t stop laughing. With some action parts in it, great acting from most of the cast – you will enjoy this movie. So go see it!!!

For more information, check out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2005151/?ref_=nv_sr_1


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