Honeymoon (2014) Review

Rating: B-

Feature film directorial debut from Leigh Janiak (‘Outcast’, ‘Scream: TV Series’) and by 2016 still the only feature film made by her. Honeymoon is one of the creepiest horror movies out now (even by 2016). A great style of directing, using the atmosphere, sounds and two lead actor performances to mess with your mind and make you feel tense.

Newlyweds Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) travel to a country house for their honeymoon. With everything being fantastic during the first day, their honeymoon is cut short when Bea goes missing. She is later found naked and disoriented in the woods by Paul. Getting her back to the cabin, Bea claims that this was caused by sleepwalking due to stress and tells Paul to not think about it. After this event, strange and creepy things start to happen in the country house and mostly with Bea.


For an indie film it looks amazing. With what Leigh Janiak has established – you will be scared about the things that are happening (the story) rather than cheap jump scares or gore. The atmosphere at the beginning feels positive: everything is happening in the day and bright lightning is used. But later on the movie everything changes, we get scenes almost always in bleak colours and every scene starts to happen at night. It is a psychological horror movie, so what could you expect – everything will always be positive at the beginning and later shit will happen. We can’t forget about the music (Heather McIntosh) – it was the music that gave Honeymoon the feeling of anxiety. Without it the movie wouldn’t have such an impact. With all the music/sounds you will get the creepy atmosphere that will make you feel scared deep down and that feeling will still be there when the movie ends.

Leigh Janiak did an excellent job in casting the lead roles. Rose Leslie (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Downtown Abbey’) is great in portraying a loving wife that is going through something supernatural that she doesn’t understand and Harry Treadaway (‘Penny Dreadful’, ‘City of Ember’) is excellent in potraying a loving husband that has to deal with sudden weird changes in his wife. Both show a great chemistry together that I really enjoyed watching on the screen. We can’t forget about the other two actors in the movie, Hanna Brown and Ben Huber, with the little screen time that they get, we get from them a chilling performance that is spot on to get you scared.


The story is quite interesting. You will be engaged throughout the movie and will try to guess on what is happening. It had it all romance, horror, sci-fi – all the stuff the kids like. The movie sometimes felt slow, maybe because it didn’t reveal nothing throughout it – I was waiting and waiting and waiting and didn’t get nothing. The story was building up to a certain point but at the end we still didn’t get the answers for our questions that we asked the at the beginning: What is going on? Who is doing all of this? The ending was the only let down of the movie. An anticlimactic ending that didn’t do nothing to finish the story. It feels like the movie needs a sequel to answer some questions.

To finish this all of – You might get scarier movies out now by 2016 but you will not get a movie that is creepy and gets under your skin. Honeymoon is the one movie that a horror genre fan has to see. Watch it and judge it yourself.

Running time: 87 minutes; Distributed by: Magnolia Pictures; Production company: Fewlas Entertainment;

Directed by: Leigh Janiak; Produced by: Patrick Baker, Esme Howard; Written by: Phil Graziadei, Leigh Janiak; Cinematography: Kyle Klutz; Music: Heather McIntosh; Edited by: Christopher S. Capp;

Starring: Rose Leslie, Harry Treadaway, Ben Huber, Hanna Brown.


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