Will ‘Westworld’ be the next big thing for HBO? Review of Episode 1 – The Original

Rating: Just WOW – that means A

With waiting for so long for this show and finally seeing the first episode of Westworld. I can say that with what we are shown, this will be the next big thing for Home Box Office (HBO). So let’s start to go deeper in the awesome one-hour pilot episode.

Based on the 1973 film of the same name. Episode 1 summary: the story starts off as another day in playing fantasies out in Westworld. A place/remote park where guests pay lots of money to be in a wild-west scenario with android “hosts” to indulge in their most desired fantasies. Incidents happen with re-coded hosts and Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) alerts park founder Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). In Westworld town of Sweetwater we are introduced to a rancher’s daughter named Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), who encounters a gunslinger named Teddy (James Marsden) – but their programmed narrative is stopped by a ruthless Man in Black (Ed Harris) and, later, by supporting host’s unscripted encounter with an artefact of the outside world.


For me westerns always have been hard to watch because sometimes they are so boring and sometimes they are really funny (they were not meant to be funny). And I can say that finally a western has been released that is not so cheesy with the plot, all the clothes, the shooting and all the wild-west stuff. It was freaking awesome and I was hooked on the story from just the first minutes. With a beautiful mix between Western, Sci-Fi, and Thriller, Westworld will bring something for everybody. Maybe this is the future of Westerns – mixing it with Sci-Fi and making it look like everything is also happening in modern times.

Jonathan Nolan (writer for ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Interstellar’) shows how talented he is with the camera and storytelling. I can say that everything in the first episode looked stunning. With cinematography being so great (done by Paul Cameron), I really enjoyed all the landscape shots and the death scenes. Just like his brother, Christopher Nolan, Jonathan is as great as his brother but has his own style of directing and storytelling – giving us great dialogues between the characters he makes them have a soul and we start to know them right at the start. I can’t wait to see how the story develops later in the series.


And how we can forget the soundtrack? Composed by Ramin Djawadi (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Iron Man’) we get an awesome soundtrack that gives the feeling of wild-west and sci-fi mixed together. Just like Game of Thrones, his music in Westworld will be my favourite. You can almost say that everything was great in the first episode – a stunning cast (all performances were great), great dialogues, interesting characters, and a fascinating story.

The show looks like will be dealing with the birth of artificial intelligence and how everything starts to evolve and I think a lot of crazy things will happen later in the series. Not counting in Game of Thrones, this shows was the best hour of TV I have ever had. I need my next episode right now. With praising this show so much, I think that you should go and see Westworld. You won’t be disappointed and you will have fun watching it. Billed as a Western Game of Thrones, we can really say that a bright future is ahead of this TV show. Maybe another Emmy winner from HBO. Who knows?


Season 1 Overall Information;

Genre: Western, Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama; Running time: 57 – 69 minutes; Production companies: Kilter Films, Bad Robot Productions, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Warner Bros. Television; Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution; Budget: $100 million;

Directed by: Jonathan Nolan; Produced by: Athena Wickham; Executive Producers: J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Jerry Weintraub, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy; Based on: Westworld by Michael Crichton; Created by: Jonathan Nolan, Lisa JoyCinematography: Paul Cameron; Composer: Ramin Djawadi;

Starring: Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Luke Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, and many more.


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